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Pilots / Admin
Kenneth Aarkvisla
Display pilot. Flying experience: 14900 hours.

Kenneth’s interest for flying started early in childhood and aged 15 he flew solo in a glider. He was active in gliding competitions, aerobatics and instructing, and has logged 800 hours on gliders. Kenneth joined the military in 1981 where he became a pilot, and he accumulated 1500 flight hours. Kenneth was also trained as a Forward Air Controller (Airfac), directing and guiding aircraft to find ground targets.

Kenneth flies for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and has been a captain on Boeing 737 4-5-6-7-800 since 1998. Kenneth is initiator and founder of the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron, and he has a huge passion for historical aircraft and enjoy the classic jets very much. Kenneth has been displaying and flying D.H. Vampires since 2007, and accumulated more than 220 hours on the type. Kenneth also takes part in the maintenance of the aircrafts, and he and he is the manager of the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron. Kenneth has always had a passion for aerobatics and used to fly aerobatics in his YAK-52 before moving on to the D.H. Vampire. Kenneth is also a Flight Instructor (FI). He has logged a total of 14900 hours. Tel: +47 93432372

Per “Smiley” Strømmen
Display pilot. Flying experience: 14500 hours.

Per’s father was a military pilot also flying D.H. Vampires, so Per grew up living at different locations around Norway as his family was moved around. Per joined the air force in 1971 and he also attended the Air Force Academy.  Per has logged 1500 hours on the F-5 and moved on to the F-16 and took part in the RNoAF introduction to the type in 1981 and has logged 550 hours on it. He left the air force in 1983 to join the airline Braathens, and shortly after he joined SAS. In the late 80s Per rejoined the air force again as a part time instructor for several years on F-5’s. Per has displayed the Vampire since 2010. Besides flying his two-seat RV-4 home built aircraft, Per has always been a passion model flyer and a true expert on jet powered models.

Per retired from SAS as a captain a few years ago and is enjoying his retirement. During the summer he and his wife are out sailing with their sailboat as often as they can. He also participates with great effort in the maintenance of our Vampires. Per is also a Display Authorization (DA) evaluator for CAA NO. Per has logged a total of 14500 hours.  Tel: +47 90753142

Martin “TinTin” Tesli
Display pilot. Flying experience: 4000 hours.

Martin is one of the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s (RNoAF) most  experienced F-16 pilots, serving with the 338 Squadron based at Ørland air base located North-West of Trondheim. He joined the Air Force in 1994 and went through flight training at Sheppard  A.F.B. in 1997. He also attended the Air Force Academy and is a graduate from the Fighter Weapons Instructor Training (FWIT) at Leeuwarden Air Base, where he become a qualified weapons instructor. He has taken part in operations in Serbia, Afghanistan and Libya.

Martin joined the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron in 2010 and has a true passion for historical aircrafts. He has often flown in the Vampire T.55 to airshows abroad and served as our commentator during our flying displays. Martin acquired the Canadair CT-133 in 2012 and is from the 2013 season displaying the aircraft at airshows. Martin has logged nearly 3000 flight hours in the F-16 and has a total of 4000 hours, most of them on high performance jets. Tel: +47 93033499  

Mette “Cinderella” Aarkvisla
Airshow/Team Coordinator.

Mette flies for the airline Norwegian as a Senior Cabin Crew member. Mette and Kenneth acquired the first D.H. Vampire T.55 PX-M from Bournemouth UK in 2005. She is one of the initiators and founders of the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron. Among others Mette takes care of bookings, economy, and she runs the logistics at our airshow participations, as well as organizing and coordinating. She also has experience from taking part in organizing airshows.  Tel: +47 93439637

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