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T-33 Serial 599.
Winter maintenance
In the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron we are very are conscious to maintain the highest standards of technical maintenance of our jets. During the winter months we exploit the time as best we can to ensure that our jets are ready for the next summer season airshows. Safety always comes first in our maintenance work and operation of our historical aircraft.

T-33 Winter maintenance

T-33 (CT-133) Serial: 599 is stored for the winter in one of the hangars at the Air Force Technical School at Kjevik Kristiansand. The aircraft is scheduled to undergo winter maintenance including annual inspection in February/March. A new paint scheme is also planned to get done to it so that the aircraft will represents one of the Royal Norwegian Air Force T-33’s, belonging to 718 Squadron Sola AB as they appeared in the 50's and 60's.

718 Sqn. T-33 in the 60’s.

Winter maintenance Vampires

Our technicians at Rygge AB has started winter maintenance on our Vampires, and preparation for the annual inspection is also well underway. The aircrafts are parked in a heated comfortable hangar so work on them is just a pleasure.

Our Vampire is in good technical condition but we have learned over the years that the type requires a lot of tenderness and care to function as flawlessly as possible. That it demanded large number of man hours to keep these first classic jets in the air when they were in squadron service was not the biggest issue in those days. Enough personnel and technicians was at hand.

Vampire PX-M in the maintenance hangar at Rygge.

We take pride in maintaining the highest standard in our work.

D.H. Vampire outer flaps.

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