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Lieutenant General Wilhelm Mohr at Rygge Air Base accompanied by his daughter.
21. October 2010. Lieutenant General Wilhelm Mohr flying the de Havilland Vampire
Lieutenant General Wilhelm Mohr, aged 93 flew again for the first time in more than 50 years in a de Havilland Vampire T.55. A very refreshed Wilhelm Mohr accompanied by his daughter showed up at Rygge Air Base 21th October 2010. He was scheduled to be on a flight with the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron Vampire T.55, which he had looked forward to. It was also planned for a RNoAF DA-20 Jet Falcon to fly along as a chase and photo plane during the flight. This was instead of a 332 Sqn. F-16 as originally planned. Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron pilot Kenneth Aarkvisla was the pilot for the flight.

Kenneth reports from the flight.

After take off from Rygge we joined in loose formation with the Jet Falcon and flew together up the Oslo fjord to Oslo, and then in the direction of Drammen and Kongsberg up to Southern Norway’s highest mountain Gaustadtoppen (1883 meters above sea level). Lieutenant General Wilhelm Mohr soon felt at home in the Vampire and enjoyed to take the controls of the aircraft which he mastered very well. The General then set course south bound to Kragerø and the DA-20 had a hard time to follow the Generals impressive flying skills in the Vampire, as the DA-20 was restricted at 350 Kts. The General who was a former fighter pilot did not care so much about the "low" maximum speed of the Jet Falcon so he decided to carry on.

Gen. Mohr then turned east bound and followed the cost line up to Sandefjord and back to Rygge AB which he had no difficulties to navigate and find. After an hour in the air we landed safely back at Rygge AB. Lieutenant General Wilhelm Mohr was very pleased after the flight and appreciated that he once more had again been at the controls of the Vampire.

Wilhelm Mohr could tell he had his first flight in a Vampire during a visit to England after the war when he accompanied king Håkon as the kings adjutant to the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh. This was also his first flight in a jet aircraft. The king was to visit an RAF base where Mohr met his former flight leader from World War II, Scott-Malden. It turned out that Scott-Malden was commanding officer of the base.  Mohr had a break from his duties as the king's adjutant and Scott- Malden offered him a test flight in a de Havilland Vampire. It should be added that the king was finished with his task earlier than expected and asked what had become of his adjutant. The king was told that Wilhelm Mohr was up and test flew the de Havilland Vampire, RAF lates jet fighter, and the king had to wait until he landed.

Lieutenant General Wilhelm Mohr 93 in front of D.H. Vampire T.55, after the flight.

Lieutenant General (retired) Wilhelm Mohr is one of the most influential officers in the history of the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) – and in recent years has often and rightfully been described as ‘the grand old man of the RNoAF.

Lt General Wilhelm Mohr is a former Norwegian Spitfire pilot and WW2 squadron commander, commanding the 332 Sqn. at North Weald England. During 1943, 332 Sqn. was the highest scoring unit in the RAF Fighter Command. From 1963 to 1969, Lieutenant General Mohr was Chief of the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

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