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The NORWEGIAN AIR FORCE HISTORICAL SQUADRON is a non-profit organization, dedicated to keeping unique aircraft where they belong - in the air! We display them to the public at airshows as often as we can, so new generations can see them flying.

We also do airshow displays and heritage flights together with the Royal Norwegian Air Force, this helping with promoting and recruiting, showing the D.H. Vampire, Norway’s first jet fighter, often in close formation with RNoAF (Royal Norwegian Air Force) current combat aircraft the Lockheed F-16.

The Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron is based at Rygge AB, 137 Air Wing, located South of Oslo and was founded in 2008. Our first aircraft D.H. Vampire, PX-M was acquired in 2005.

We have displayed at all major airshows in Norway. In the UK we have displayed at RAF Waddington Air Show, RAF Leuchars Air Show, Duxford Air Show, The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) and North Weald

During the 2013 season we also took our Vampires Eastbound and displayed at the main airshow in Finland, the Lappeenranta International Air Show.

Our goals are summarized below:

  • Preserve ex-military historical aircraft in an airworthy condition 
  • Display unique historic aircraft to the public at airshows around Europe 
  • Educate people in the important role these historical aircraft played in aviation 
  • Proudly promote aviation heritage

We preserve, maintain and operate these historic aircraft and work hard to make them fly for many years to come. The Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron has established it’s own Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) authorized maintenance organization maintaining the jets. Our experienced technicians are all voluntary, and help with a vast knowledge and expertise. Some are retired Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) technicians with more than 40 years of experience on fighters including, Spitfires, Vampires, T-33, F-84, RF-84, F-86, F-104, F-5, RF-5 and F-16.

Aircrafts operated by the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron:
  • de Havilland Vampire T.55 two seater 
  • de Havilland Vampire FB.52 single seater
  • Canadair CT-133 T-Bird

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